Spider Vein Treatment in Las Vegas, NV

Spider Veins can make us feel self-conscious, but it doesn’t have to. At Flawless Aesthetics we offer Spider Vein Treatment and can help! Call us for more information or request an appointment online.

Spider Vein Treatment in Las Vegas, NV
Spider Vein Treatment in Las Vegas, NV

What is Spider Vein Treatment?

Flawless Aesthetics Las Vegas is excited to offer an effective solution for bothersome spider veins. These treatments can help restore your confidence and let you show off your legs once again! Spider Vein Treatment, commonly referred to as cosmetic leg sclerotherapy, is an elective cosmetic procedure to treat unsightly spider veins. Utilizing a tiny needle, our highly-trained Nurse Practitioner injects a safe solution designed to damage the inside walls of the vein, resulting in its closure and disappearance.

How Much Does Spider Vein Treatment Cost?

The cost of Spider Vein Treatment varies and is determined by both the size of the area to be treated and the number of spider veins present. Average cost is generally $300-$400 per session and can be determined with a complimentary consultation.

How Long Does Spider Vein Treatment Last?

Though no treatment for spider veins is successful 100% of the time each successive treatment reduces the size of the remaining vessels until they are no longer a cosmetic problem. Our goal is a 75% improvement at the end of a series of treatments.

What Is The Recovery Time for Spider Vein Treatment?

The recovery period for Spider Vein Treatment at Flawless Aesthetics is very quick; No strenuous exercise or air travel for 72 hours following Spider Vein Treatment and wear compression stockings for at least 1-3 weeks following each treatment. 

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